Our Runaway Society

The Runaway Series

Our Runaway Society

How to restore balance in life

Brief Summary

In this first book of the Runaway Trilogy, the author takes no prisoners in a unique exposé of the declining moral standards weakening the fabric of civilized society. Living a successful life begins with having a positive attitude and become a part of the rapidly growing movement of people from all walks of life who hope for a brighter future – and are willing to strive for it.

This is a long-awaited book of life-changing maxims about how to get our society back on track. This breakthrough work shows us what it will take to restore harmony in a fast-paced world that is quickly losing its grip on the importance of etiquette, personal discipline and respect for others.

Main Goals
  • How to regain our core fundamentals achieving happiness and self-fulfillment in modern society
  • A guide in finding the right principles, mindset and the proper path to self-esteem, self-confidence and self-control
  • The right ethical and moral principles are applicable to all ages. It is never too late for positive changes, which essentially revolve around happiness. The reader will learn to adjust attitudes and refocus their reasoning and mindset to achieve growth and self-fulfillment in life
  • If our heart, soul and consciousness are fully committed and harmoniously integrated and synchronized, it is never too late for a positive and life enriching change. Indeed, it is definitely never too late for self-improvement!
Forgotten or Misinterpreted Concepts
  • Self respect, self-esteem, social ethics, morals, courtesy, manners, self-control, obesity, education, parenting, greed, moderation, violence, tattooing, leadership, and reversed values, among many others.

About the Author

Rafael Augusto Carreras currently resides in the city of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada with his wife. His passion for writing is fueled by the desire to open people’s eyes to what is happening around them. He trusts this will improve their life style and bring harmony to their lives. Throughout his “Runaway Trilogy”, an important goal is to bring awareness regarding the delicate situation Planet Earth is going through. He wants to share his experience and points of view for others to learn and benefit from the way he perceives this world and its progressive changes.

Born and raised in Mexico City (D.F.) from 1958 to 1987, Rafael studied his undergraduate degree in Economics in Mexico City, followed by a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in a joint program between Notre Dame University (USA) and the London Graduate School of Business (England).

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