Introduction: Undeniable fact  … ” The Death of Our Oceans = The Death of The Human Race. ” Nowadays everybody is aware that the more concentration of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere, is putting our lives in danger, but only very few are really conscious and worried about it, and even fewer people are doing […]

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Kinder Morgan Pipeline – Lottery vs. Death Sentence ?

Question: Is it rational & brilliant or simply illogical & obtuse for the government to purchase the Kinder Morgan Pipeline (KMP) project? Answer: After researching and asking many people, I am honestly convinced, that the average Canadian has not got the slightest clue if the purchase by the Liberal government of the KMP project is […]

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Site C Dam: The Curse of a Pristine Environment!

Reality: The government of British Columbia had a golden opportunity to STOP the Site C Dam, but they failed. Lame excuses were all that were offered. And once again, it is all about money and the bottom line. Actually, isn’t it about multi billion-dollar government contracts, subcontracts, buddies, under-the-table deals, and greed? It is hard […]

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