Suffering Ecophobia? Well, giving up is not an option. We need to join forces and commit ourselves to save our environment.

Ecophobia speaks to the challenge of keeping active, healthy, and hopeful in the wake of sorrowful environmental trends – Deena Kara Shaffer, PhD   Is this really our future? Can we do something about it? Is it too late? Is there still hope?   Source: Pixabay – geralt  and  the digital artist Ecophobia is also referred […]

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Are the hijab or burka an invitation for segregation and reverse racism in the workplace?

  (Source: pixabay.com) Again, in Canada, it appears that the “BIRDS are SHOOTING the HUNTERS”, instead of the other way around. Is Canada going to regret the government’s overly tolerant accommodation policies regarding religious and traditional practices that are being introduced to Canadian society? How will these influences affect the Western and North American cultural and […]

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