indigenous people


Premise: Canada is a great country and admired throughout the world for many reasons. One of the most important reasons is that on Canadian soil, the Human Rights for every human being tend to be respected. At least, that is the impression we portray abroad and the feeling many Canadians have, including me. Due to […]

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Kinder Morgan Pipeline – Lottery vs. Death Sentence ?

Question: Is it rational & brilliant or simply illogical & obtuse for the government to purchase the Kinder Morgan Pipeline (KMP) project? Answer: After researching and asking many people, I am honestly convinced, that the average Canadian has not got the slightest clue if the purchase by the Liberal government of the KMP project is […]

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What? Canadian Environment Betrayed By Our Own Government?

Human Rights Violation: The Liberal Party in Canada is known to fight in favour of human rights, nationally and internationally. Yes, the pride of all Canadians! But why do they want to look good and shine abroad with the white flag of fairness, when at home throughout history they have turned their back on our […]

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