This blog is written – Without Prejudice / My Personal Opinion Social Mediocrity: Astonishingly, Doug Ford has been voted as Ontario’s PC leader. But hey, uninformed people with short-term memory always elect the wrong leaders, so they get the “leaders” they ultimately deserve, so let them suffer in their sea of ignorance and distorted faith […]

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Are Kindness & Love Versus Cynicism & Sarcasm Misinterpreted & Misleading in Canada?

(source:   The news said, “Sikh Politician responds racist attack with “love & courage”. Why differentiate between a Canadian MP versus Sikh Politician? That alone acknowledges the difference in people’s background within our nation and government. This invites racism. The term “Sikh politician” might sound good to the ears of many, but is literally […]

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Our Runaway Society: coming June 14th, 2017

Our Runaway Society, being released spring 2017, is for all those people who are interested or concerned about today’s society;  parents, teachers. professors, scientists, students, retirees, and all other professionals worldwide. Do you think that nowadays everything should be accepted and that everybody should mind their own business, except those who lack respect for others and […]

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