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#nature #planet #globe #survival #environment #ecosystem


Global warming is a natural phenomenon the planet has gone through during its life cycle since it was created over 4.5 billion years ago. Regardless, I have three questions for my readers below. First, here is a brief background:                     Source:  pixabay.com   Facts: There is no […]

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Suffering Ecophobia? Well, giving up is not an option. We need to join forces and commit ourselves to save our environment.

Ecophobia speaks to the challenge of keeping active, healthy, and hopeful in the wake of sorrowful environmental trends – Deena Kara Shaffer, PhD   Is this really our future? Can we do something about it? Is it too late? Is there still hope?   Source: Pixabay – geralt  and  the digital artist Ecophobia is also referred […]

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When are we going to understand that our Environment and our Ecosystem is EVERYTHING ?!?!

Important Message Nothing, absolutely nothing beats nature in its beauty and perfection! Shouldn’t we all focus on its protection? Nature provides us its best with a relentless devotion! Shouldn’t we look after nature with a protective attitude and caring emotion?            Pristine Ecosystem     Clean Shores    Forest & Sky Love Affair Five Worthy Thoughts: Planet […]

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