Author | Rafael Augusto Carreras | The Runaway Series


Rafael Augusto Carreras

Born and raised in Mexico City (D.F.) from 1958 to 1987, Rafael Carreras studied for his undergraduate degree in Economics (Mexico City) followed by a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in a joint programme between Notre Dame University (USA) and the London Graduate School of Business (England).

His professional career started as a professor in economics and finance in the Mexican banking system. He immigrated to Canada in 1987, where he concentrated on the creation and promotion of businesses under the ‘turnkey operation’ concept. He assisted the Ministry of Economic Development at the time and created a database for businesses in the service industry for the BC provincial government.

In conjunction with government and banking programs, he worked to assist foreign business investors and local entrepreneurs establish and run proactive and successful businesses. He assisted his various clients throughout their start-up stage and helped them achieve their break-even point in the shortest and most efficient time possible, minimizing their risks and expanding their real potential.

Carreras has acquired extensive professional experience in North America (Mexico, United States and Canada) and has travelled considerably for business and research throughout Europe, Asia and the American continent. All his research has been based on a compelling, detailed and deep logical thinking framework with a results-oriented attitude.

As an Author

His passion for writing is fuelled by the desire to open people’s eyes to what is happening around them. He trusts this will improve their life style and bring harmony to their lives. Throughout his “Runaway Trilogy”, an important goal is to bring awareness regarding the delicate situation Planet Earth is going through. He wants to share his experience and points of view for others to learn and benefit from the way he perceives this world and its progressive changes. As an author, he does not try to change people’s views. Backed by real life experience and scientific evidence, his main goal is to create awareness of the real situation our societies and surroundings are going through. It is up to the readers to make an informed decision and act wisely. Always motivated by trust and hard work, the author hopes his readers see their reality in a different light, and perhaps, motivate them to protect their society, environment, and ecosystem above and beyond the search for money and power.

Carreras does his best to experience life from a realistic, responsible, and pragmatic perspective. This trilogy has been written with a down-to-earth and rational approach for anyone to understand and apply to improve their lifestyle if they choose to do so. All his groundwork, structure and conclusions are based on existing research platforms of well-known authors, scientists, book and magazine publications, newspapers, and the web. All this is backed by extensive travel experience and systematic evaluation. He is observant and detailed-oriented, trying always to uncover the truth, with a humble and respectful approach in spirit and to the best of his abilities.