Canada has been a secure and peaceful nation envied by many countries around our globe, until recently. In the average European country, the rise in the number of gangs is mainly due to a high rate of unemployment or to delicate immigration open door policies that have not been planned, studied, and implemented properly. “Drug […]

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I need to ask the reader a specific question, but first I need to describe the following scenario currently taking place. The air we breathe has no borders. What happens in the Congo’s rainforest or in the Russian Taiga, sooner or later will end up affecting the air we breathe. The same philosophy and laws […]

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Introduction: The average Canadian is too busy to pay attention to certain social and economic issues, which are pushing their country into future social unrest, gang violence and even into a potential recession. Why? The average Canadian, in general, is working hard just trying to cover immediate basic needs, pay bills, and keep up with […]

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Kinder Morgan Pipeline – Lottery vs. Death Sentence ?

Question: Is it rational & brilliant or simply illogical & obtuse for the government to purchase the Kinder Morgan Pipeline (KMP) project? Answer: After researching and asking many people, I am honestly convinced, that the average Canadian has not got the slightest clue if the purchase by the Liberal government of the KMP project is […]

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This blog is written – Without Prejudice / My Personal Opinion Social Mediocrity: Astonishingly, Doug Ford has been voted as Ontario’s PC leader. But hey, uninformed people with short-term memory always elect the wrong leaders, so they get the “leaders” they ultimately deserve, so let them suffer in their sea of ignorance and distorted faith […]

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LGBTQ2 – Is Canada a Progressive Nation?

There is no doubt that Canada is seen around the world as a modern, adaptable, and progressive country. While admired by many, it is hated and disrespected by a few. Sadly, that is their problem, not ours. There is no doubt in my mind that we are a forward and progressive country and for that, […]

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Sad Day For Canadian Multiculturalism And Integration

The Story: An 11-year old Muslim girl said she was attacked twice by a stranger cutting her hijab (covering hair) with a pair of scissors, on her way to school.                                          Source:     Source:    […]

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What is Stronger – Religion or Patriotism?

Introduction (the tragedy): Recently in Ontario, 19-year old Yosif Al-Hasnawi was shot while trying to break up an altercation involving three others. When the paramedics arrived, he advised them he could not breathe. Minutes later, he passed away. A tragic outcome for an innocent young man attempting to act the part of the Good Samaritan. […]

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Site C Dam: The Curse of a Pristine Environment!

Reality: The government of British Columbia had a golden opportunity to STOP the Site C Dam, but they failed. Lame excuses were all that were offered. And once again, it is all about money and the bottom line. Actually, isn’t it about multi billion-dollar government contracts, subcontracts, buddies, under-the-table deals, and greed? It is hard […]

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Born and raised in Mexico City (D.F.) from 1958 to 1987, Rafael studied his undergraduate degree in Economics in Mexico City, followed by a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in a joint program between Notre Dame University (USA) and the London Graduate School of Business (England).