Our Runaway Globe

The Runaway Series

Our Runaway Globe

How to restore balance on Earth

Brief Summary

People throughout history have taken for granted their natural resources:  flora, fauna, oceans, rivers, lakes, mountains, clear blue skies, country, society, family, relationships, their …. everything! Unfortunately, in general, we tend to go through life without wondering or questioning our limited and finite resources and our needs for the forthcoming future; but when we ultimately do, it might be too late to recover.

This book will open people’s eyes to the crude reality and takes no prisoners in a daring presentation of a chain of issues that need immediate attention; otherwise, instead of appreciating what we have, we will end up regretting what we lost.

Main Goals
  • Thorough acknowledgment and safeguarding for our environment and ecosystem, by truly embracing our flora and fauna
  • True commitment and honest caring for our society, country and our planet as a whole
  • Avoidance of the deadliest human mistake, which is to take this planet for granted
  • To create awareness on the fact that the stealthiest and swiftest way of losing the essence of human comfort and well being is by denying due credence to our environment and ecosystem, which we may only realize and acknowledge when it is too far gone
  • The full recognition and understanding that Planet Earth is not infinite and will ultimately get to a point at which it will not endure the stress imposed on it. The continued and relentless growth of our footprint is to blame
  • We need to regain control of some of the most crucial, though forgotten, human traits that makes us unique as a species, with true potential for a dignified and healthy survival
Forgotten or Misinterpreted Concepts
  • Responsibility, loyalty, integrity, tenacity, ability and caring attitude towards Earth’s four basic elements (air, water, earth and fire) and overall environment and ecosystem. Planet Earth has rights above and beyond any living species. Humans have rights but also strong obligations and responsibilities. We should stop abusing, exploiting and polluting our planet, which will ultimately stop negotiating with our increasing human demands. We need Mother Earth to survive but she can live peacefully without us. Earth does not need to adapt to us, but humans must adapt!

About the Author

Rafael Augusto Carreras currently resides in the city of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada with his wife. His passion for writing is fueled by the desire to open people’s eyes to what is happening around them. He trusts this will improve their life style and bring harmony to their lives. Throughout his “Runaway Trilogy”, an important goal is to bring awareness regarding the delicate situation Planet Earth is going through. He wants to share his experience and points of view for others to learn and benefit from the way he perceives this world and its progressive changes.

Born and raised in Mexico City (D.F.) from 1958 to 1987, Rafael studied his undergraduate degree in Economics in Mexico City, followed by a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in a joint program between Notre Dame University (USA) and the London Graduate School of Business (England).

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