The Runaway Series

Our Runaway Rights

How to restore balance in freedom

Brief Summary

With some exceptions, people around the world greatly value their freedom to follow their dreams, to capitalize on their free will to act as they wish, to enjoy their privacy and to treasure their sense of security.

In this book the author spares no efforts and once again, takes no prisoners in the third of his hard-writing trilogy, where he outlines the absolute false and distorted sense of freedom, privacy and security our societies now function in. This is achieved in a factual and sometimes shockingly direct style.

Main Goals
  • All our rights and freedoms in North America (and beyond) express the noblest objectives of man to live without distinction of religion, sex, race and language, with special focus on the safeguarding of the peace, privacy and security nationally and internationally.
  • True knowledge and crystal communication are the pillars of our human rights, and above all, our liberty and freedom to dare, dream, and achieve happiness. Nobody can take away from us “education and knowledge”. They enlighten common sense, they break all boundaries, they uncover the unknown, they provide power, and they strengthen human resilience, which is crucial to our survival.
  • Making progress as a human being is about knowledge, wisdom and attitude changes. Open your heart and expand your awareness with a true desire to engage in pro-active positive measures. Real wisdom comes with knowledge, hard work, dedication, commitment, and the invisible and unstoppable passing of time.
  • The golden key to liberty, freedom and happiness is knowledge. Embrace it!
  • Tolerance, fairness and respect should always go both ways!
Forgotten or Misinterpreted Concepts
  • Liberty, freedom, safety, security, immigration, terrorism, police force, women’s rights, LGTB rights, tolerance and respect (a two-way street), freedom of expression, anti-discrimination, privacy and security among others.

About the Author

Rafael Augusto Carreras currently resides in the city of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada with his wife. His passion for writing is fueled by the desire to open people’s eyes to what is happening around them. He trusts this will improve their life style and bring harmony to their lives. Throughout his “Runaway Trilogy”, an important goal is to bring awareness regarding the delicate situation Planet Earth is going through. He wants to share his experience and points of view for others to learn and benefit from the way he perceives this world and its progressive changes.

Born and raised in Mexico City (D.F.) from 1958 to 1987, Rafael studied his undergraduate degree in Economics in Mexico City, followed by a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in a joint program between Notre Dame University (USA) and the London Graduate School of Business (England).

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