climate change


Global warming is a natural phenomenon the planet has gone through during its life cycle since it was created over 4.5 billion years ago. Regardless, I have three questions for my readers below. First, here is a brief background:                     Source:   Facts: There is no […]

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Kinder Morgan Pipeline – Lottery vs. Death Sentence ?

Question: Is it rational & brilliant or simply illogical & obtuse for the government to purchase the Kinder Morgan Pipeline (KMP) project? Answer: After researching and asking many people, I am honestly convinced, that the average Canadian has not got the slightest clue if the purchase by the Liberal government of the KMP project is […]

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Wildfires and Floodings in Canada. Realistic Situation of our Planet

Last year Canada experienced one of the worst wildfires ever in the city of Fort McMurray, Alberta. This was the largest wildfire evacuation in their history with over 2,400 houses and buildings destroyed, along with 585,000 hectares lost. During the month of May 2017, a large region in Montreal (Quebec), suffered unusual persistent rainfall causing […]

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