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Global warming is a natural phenomenon the planet has gone through during its life cycle since it was created over 4.5 billion years ago. Regardless, I have three questions for my readers below. First, here is a brief background:


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There is no doubt that the real challenges all over the world to human safety, quality of life, our healthy well-being, and the balance of our ecosystem lies on how drastic climate changes are taking place. The degree of these changes depends on the adjustments to the globe’s temperature. These extreme climate changes are affecting the quality of life around the planet causing increasing migration problems, lack of economic stability, and lack of social security. To the eyes of many, drastic climate changes are forcing us to accept a one-world approach to human subsistence. But will it really work, and are we humans capable of such a drastic and “progressive” change?


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Our Heroes:

Luckily, we have superstars in North America who are truly looking after our future security and well-being. We have Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau and Andrés Manuel López Obrador, known also as AMLO, who are absolutely in favour of protecting our environment, and therefore, on having a positive impact in controlling or reducing the global temperature, and along with that, less severe climate changes. Yes, I am being sarcastic, because we all know that Trump does not believe an iota in taking care of our environment and Trudeau is all about fossil fuel exploitation. In my mind, they have an obtuse view regarding the parallelism and correlation between economic growth and the development of new technologies for renewable energy. Neither Trump nor Trudeau seems to know or understand the concept of today’s sacrifice for a better future. They owe it to the people who voted for them and who they are meant to protect. Unfortunately, both were fed with silver and golden spoons, so they appear to live in a world without a strong foundation, which will crumble in front of our eyes.

Regarding López Obrador, it is still too early to say, but with the international agreements in place that Mexico has signed with China, it is already very risky. China is starving for natural resources and they are known not to protect the environment while targeting those natural resources and especially in foreign countries. China’s main goal along with the greed and corruption of the Mexican government is the implementation of a stronger international trade network, so the average Mexican hopes in regards to their environment are quite low. I guess I should just keep crossing my fingers for López Obrador’s good economic and social sense in favour of his people because he was not fed with a silver or golden spoon.


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The Alarm:

The US Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) came up with their 4th National Climate Assessment Report, which goes against Donald Trump for undoing climate change regulations for the United States. The report confirms that “global warming is here in the US, they say – now. It is already deadly serious and without urgent, dramatic change, it will be catastrophic.”

In Canada, Trudeau has failed to comply with international agreements regarding greenhouse gas emissions, and in fact, wants to extract more fossil fuels instead of enlightening and supporting the Province of Alberta to invest and diversify in newer and renewable technologies. Our governments do not seem to understand that with drastic and aggressive climate changes, the development and economic well-being of Alberta (and Canadians) will be worse than if they were to reduce the extraction of fossil fuels. Let us be honest with ourselves and if Japan and Germany bounced back after World War II when they had nothing but “dirt to eat”, and now they are powerful nations, why are Albertan’s crying so much when they can do an easy and smooth transition taking advantage of better technologies available. In my humble perspective and opinion as an economist, they should tighten their belt, grow up and face the future with dignity, pride, and hard work, while switching towards new technologies for a stronger development and better social well-being for the future.

According to the 4th National Climate Assessment Report “With continued growth in emissions at historic rates, annual losses in some economic sectors are projected to reach hundreds of billions of dollars by the end of the century – more than the current gross domestic product (GDP) of many US states.” According to Brenda Ekwurzel, one of the authors, the US Government should respond immediately with concrete actions. She is very concerned that global warming alone would accelerate the spread disease and increase mental health issues, along with bad air quality levels across North America. All authors insist that the greenhouse gas emissions must be curbed down immediately and sharply, otherwise, global warming will accentuate extreme weather patterns, whether we like it or not, that would be the bottom line at an accelerated pace.


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  1. Are we pushing our good luck over the tipping point in the name of greed and progress?
  2. Are we promoting our self-destruction with overpopulation and its relentless need for more and more natural resources?
  3. Can new technology help humans reduce the speed or hopefully stop the warming of our planet, but most importantly, the extreme climate changes?

Our Goal:

Cherish Our Planet and Self Preservation. It is in our hands and in our reach to save the Globe! We need to believe …. and act as quick as …. YESTERDAY!


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Other Planet:

There is no other Planet to go to. Is there?


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