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Here are just a few “Life Thoughts” that I have read, experienced, and confirmed with the passing of time.


Do not live life explaining yourself.

Your friends do not need explanations,

your enemies do not care,

and stupid people do not understand them.


In life, select the battles that are worth it

and do not drown with a glass of water.

Just learn how to let unimportant things go!



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To be a good and likable person,

it does not mean that you should allow others to treat you with disdain,

so stop them cold in their tracks from trying to walk all over you.


One day I told my neighbour to stop people treating him unfairly; so he walked away.

Yes, he did change, because he now respects and loves himself.



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Failure in one’s attempt

is only the opportunity to start again.

With a more intelligent and accurate approach.


Smiles are as powerful as any medicine.

Or as beautiful, as any magical spell.


Only the educated person knows more.

That who knows is free,

and that who has more freedom,

knows more.



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Success in life is not measured by what you achieve.

Instead, it is measured

by the obstacles you overcome,

… and the money you saved … 🙂 … LOL


The time you enjoy,

is the time you really live.


If someone did it,

I can do it too,

and if they couldn’t do it,

I will be the first one to do it.


Nobody can help those unwilling to learn,

But those hungry for knowledge, cannot be stopped!



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Did you know that at the end of the day

We can cope with more than we think.


The beauty of learning

Is that nobody can take it away from you.


You only live once.

But if you live it wisely and properly,

it is enough and worth it.


We should let go of the life we have planned,

To accept and enjoy what destiny has provided us with.


Some people just remember your errors,

But they forget what you have done for them,

so just let them go!


All are looking for sincerity,

but when you speak with sincerity,

they usually feel offended.



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One thing I have learned

is that you can love in silence,

miss without saying it,

fall in love without telling,

and be happy without showing it.


Do not ever do things that look good when they are not,

nor do bad things that superficially look good.


Never stop doing something,

because you feel it is too late.

It is never too late to improve yourself or do some good.


The true friendship is never forgotten,

distance does not erase,

and evil does not destroy.


In life, be patient and avoid rushing or forcing things.

Because with the passing of time you develop questions,

and you also generate the answers to those questions.


As I get older,

I do not want more cheese,

but instead, I want out of the mousetrap!


With age, patience runs thin,

because you have learned to know and understand humanity less!



I heard getting older is not for sissies! Guess what, I laughed at first but now I fully agree!



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Nowadays, everything goes!

Stop trying to understand or question the weak,

because if you are disciplined and strong, you will be found guilty regardless if you are right.


If you wouldn’t do it in front of your mother, father, or grandparents, you probably shouldn’t do it. It’s an easy measure of right and wrong.


Old Aztec train of thought:

If there’s a solution to your problems, why worry? If there is no solution to your problems, why worry? Just let it go!