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Are biodiversity and multiculturalism the framework for future societies?

Absolutely yes, and make no mistake!

It is indeed the best thing that can happen to any current and future society, if and only if, people stop simply tolerating each other and start accepting each other with a caring and honest attitude and spirit. We need to accept and integrate into our society with a common goal and identity. That is the only way we will grow healthy and strong, regardless of our DNA. Our differences will make us robust and stable as a society.


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Biodiversity refers to the variety of life in a specific ecosystem. The more biodiverse Earth is, the healthier, stronger, and richer it becomes. The destruction of our habitat weakens the delicate biodiverse fabric on our planet, just like hate, racism, and lack of integration destroy the true spirit and goal of a multicultural society along with its progressive social and economic trend.


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The more diversified a society is in relation to its ethnic fabric, will make it stronger, interesting, and absolutely fascinating to experience and live in it. But only if everyone shows understanding and respect for each other while leaving the retrograde stigmas and mistaken past behaviours behind. We require looking and moving forward to leave old scars and tainted historical passages in the history archives.

Just like the ethereal passing of time, we also need to move forward and avoid regressing back to limited thoughts and actions. The future is ahead and it pleads for change, understanding, and love, key elements for survival of the human race.