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Is Wildlife Trade A Criminal Act That Needs Stopping?

Not every wildlife trade is illegal, but there is no doubt that the illegal wildlife trade is on the rise worldwide. It is a serious problem even within Canada through the export and import of prohibited species. Illegal wildlife trade is growing at a rate of 8% a year worldwide. It is a multibillion-dollar business and it has a direct correlation with the extinction of many species in both, flora and fauna. Trophy hunting, wild animal pets, and bogus medicinal purposes are the main culprits promoting wildlife smuggling and poaching.


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Am I An Accomplice Of Illegal Wildlife Trade?

Anybody that is aware of any kind of illegal wildlife trade should report it to the appropriate authorities immediately.

Why? The answer is simple because wildlife trade is illegal and considered to be the fourth biggest criminal activity after the drug trade, counterfeiting and human trafficking. It is simply an unscrupulous and delinquent trading activity that needs STOPPING! In this business, passive people that are aware of this illegal activity and remain quiet are as guilty as the active perpetrators themselves. If you are in doubt of a specific species being traded or kept as a wild animal pet by others, then my humble advice is to try doing your homework and find out if it is an illegal species or not. If it is illegal and you remain silent, you are as guilty as the perpetrator, so I invite you to reconsider and report it to the authorities.

To the eyes of many, there is not much difference, even legally, to be an accomplice and or a criminal when keeping quiet and not bringing it to the attention of the proper jurisdiction or police force.

Real Problem:

Unfortunately, the penalties for poaching and smuggling in Canada and many other countries are very lenient. Governments and our legal systems are actually promoting this type of activity because the penalties are insignificant compared to the economic gains derived from these criminal acts. My grandfather used to say that if you really want a problem gone, then “to a big problem, big solutions.” That is, we should all lobby so that the government applies very strong penalties to the perpetrators (criminals), which need to be proportionally way bigger and tougher than the outrageous profit margins the criminals are making. But if they just give them a slap on the hand, guess what is going to continue to happen? In my humble opinion, serious and steep penalties should be imposed. That is the only way to deter unscrupulous and greedy criminals.

         Death Penalty in some countries exists.

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The Crude Reality:

But guess what? This criminal act is growing rapidly because of the supplier’s lack of respect for life and insatiable greed, as well as the ignorant and heartless attitude of the purchasers. The main demand for wildlife as pets and wild animal parts come from China and other SouthEast Asian countries like Vietnam and Indonesia. But many European countries and North America are not too far behind. A similar situation is happening in the South American Rain Forest, where plants, trees, birds, and all sort of flowers and animal species are being smuggled in alarming quantities and in a ruthless and cruel fashion. Extermination of many species is on the rise, and the perpetrators simply do not care, while the consumers are either ignorant, insensitive, or “smart” as a sack of hammers. Deep in themselves, they are really greedy, cruel, and narrow-minded. That is very sad!

What We Need To Understand:

People do not seem to comprehend or care that we require all to co-operate, be vigilant, and approach authorities to denounce this illicit act. We all need to acknowledge the fact that the more we allow this criminal act to continue, the more we affect our ecosystems, which will fail to provide us with the basic conditions we need to survive. It is a direct challenge and threat to biodiversity, which is essential to a healthy and balanced environment.


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Potential Solutions:

Shouldn’t we turn our back on wild animals as pets?

Wouldn’t it be smart to simply approach authorities if we see or hear of anybody involved in the smuggling and poaching of wildlife?

Shouldn’t we be protecting our ecosystem and shielding our flora and fauna from harm?

Why don’t we join a pro-wildlife group and lobby in their favour?

Shouldn’t parents teach their children at an early stage to develop respect for life, a healthy environment?

What are we doing to help to undertake sustainably in our respective countries activities like fishing and hunting?

Isn’t biodiversity what all people are meant to protect?

We all need to get involved and stop hiding in the shadows of our inactions. What do you think?


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