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The average Canadian is too busy to pay attention to certain social and economic issues, which are pushing their country into future social unrest, gang violence and even into a potential recession. Why? The average Canadian, in general, is working hard just trying to cover immediate basic needs, pay bills, and keep up with inflation. I, therefore, want to bring to the attention of my readers a very important aspect that is usually not on the radar of people’s immediate concerns:


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Recent Breaking News:

A wave of gang-related crime in Canada’s biggest city has put a harsh reality in focus: The economic and social divides that have led to the crisis can’t be policed away.” (Globe and Mail – July 7, 2018)

The Global News of July 6, 2018, published an article about a gang member’s perspective on gun violence in Canada. They wrote something an ex-gang member stated and that the average citizen has no clue about, which is:

I was in and out of jail. Then you start going to adult jail for longer sentences. Now, you’re with killers and rapists. Before you know it, you begin to fit in, in order to survive. You take on that chicken-coop mentality, that gangster mentality. That disregard for everything that’s right. You’re sitting around with a bunch of people talking about who’s getting clipped next. When your friends start killing your other friends – you don’t need to worry about rival gangs or the cops — it’s the guy sitting next to you. You think it’s about brotherhood and solidarity, but it’s about treachery, and I got sick of seeing that.”

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Unfortunately, only very few Canadians manage to realize that the Liberal government of Prime Minister Trudeau is pushing, like never before, many young teenagers across Canada to follow the steps of an average gang member, and making our society, which the Liberals pledge to protect and serve, weak and dangerous. Hang on and allow me to explain how and why … but in the meantime just keep in mind that it has been proven that there is an indirect-correlation between gang crimes and government investment funds in social programs.


The Problem:

Canada, like many other countries in the world, has the obligation to help other nations in distress regarding refugees and asylum seekers. They also require implementing a rigorous immigration program for the benefit of their country’s long-term economic and social development.

But when PM Justin Trudeau stated internationally that Canada has an open door policy for refugees and asylum seekers, he opened the Pandora Box for social unrest to creep slowly but surely into our nation’s social fabric at a faster speed than expected by many. In the meantime, other countries are closing their doors instead, because they have experienced harsh economic and social impact on their country and their people. They tightened and some even closed their borders to refugees and asylum seekers (Sweden, France, Germany, Holland, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey are included among many other countries). That reminds me of a saying from a good friend of mine who used to say, “Help yourself and God will assist you.” I believe that this is the reason these countries are tightening or closing their borders. They need to care for their own people first and then, stretch out a helping hand, if only if, they can do it economically. “When a lack of security and economic problems are introduced through the main door, love, peace, and quiet go out the window,” a quote from my grandfather.


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Recently, CTV News confirmed that by the end of June 2018, there were more than 50,000 refugees and asylum seekers that had crossed our borders in hopes of assistance, but Immigration Canada can only process 14,000 people a year. But the backlogs have pushed the Liberal government to re-assess their reality and acknowledge that they will process those people in 4 to 5 years from now. Now, there is something really alarming, which is according to The National Post (September 28, 2017) an average of $20,000 per year is spent by different levels of government for each individual claimant. If we simply do the math, this represents billions of dollars per year, and for years to come. But who is going to pay for them all? Many are not even legitimate in their demands but will stay in Canada in the meantime demanding basic human rights such as housing, education, clothes, food, medical, dental and many other amenities such as specific places in which they can practice their religious beliefs. This situation, which PM Trudeau started, has turned to be so bad, that even Premier Doug Ford confronted our Prime Minister asking for more Federal funds for over 3,000 refugees currently in Toronto (over 5,000 people in Ontario alone). From the originally allotted $11 million to Toronto, Premier Ford is asking to increase the amount to $75 million to be able to deal with the problem for now. This budget does not accurately include more migrants coming from mainly Africa and the Middle East from July to December of 2018. Interesting, the Liberal government wants to comply with the United Nations agreement but fails to comply with their agreement at the Paris Accord in relation to global warming, the reduction of our CO2 footprint and the overall protection of our environment and ecosystems.


Deception or Bad Faith?

When the Premier of Ontario Doug Ford confronted PM Trudeau, the latter stated, “he does not believe, Premier Doug Ford was quite as aware of our international obligations to the UN Convention on Refugees as he might have been.”

PM Trudeau and the Minister of Immigration, Ahmed D. Hussen, do not seem to understand (or care) about their pledge and commitment to Canadians first. They want to shine like a solar energy streetlight internationally, but they keep their home under dim lights or in the dark. To many Canadians, that is absolutely unacceptable and to some, an economic and social betrayal. To both, PM Trudeau and Mr Hussen, their duty and responsibility should be first to Canadians, and then to the rest of the world.


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The Consequences of Bad Politics:

A bad government policy is like promoting cancer cells to kick into metastatic cancer, which spreads to distant organs or lymph nodes. This positions the sick person into a dangerous mortal state of being, as much as bad a government policy, pushes a society into social or economic unrest by increasing national violence, while reducing people’s sense of security and well being in their cities.

As stated previously, the Liberal government is injecting billions of dollars in assisting refugees and asylum seekers in an already deficient government immigration program that does not have the sufficient capacity (proper amount of trained employees) to deal with these urgent issues. Much less to adequately attend with due diligence their “commitment to the United Nations”. Instead, they need to be loyal and committed to every Canadian first and above all, and then to international issues, as per the case may be. But to place refugees and asylum seekers above and over the interest of many Canadians: poverty, homelessness, unemployment, lack of schooling, continued aboriginal abuse and neglect, the lack of sufficient medical services for many, etc., should be considered a capital crime perpetrated by the government. Isn’t this directly going against our Canadian national security? The people elect their government of preference for their protection and to represent the people’s interests. But the Liberal government is failing to do so, and the proof is in the amount of violence happening all across the major cities in Canada. Gangs are flourishing along with independent drug cartels, along with a dramatic increase in substance abuse by Canadians who need our immediate help with proper funding, instead of funding foreigners.


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Main Causes of Violence and Drug Abuse in Canada:

Violent acts and death by gunshots are on the rise not just in Toronto, but also in many other cities across Canada, such as Vancouver and Surrey, in BC. The Police force is not and will not be the solution. It is without a doubt of great help, but far from being the solution by itself. Every city has its own specific set of causes, but the prevalent common denominators that are widespread are the following eight (8) aspects:




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When a person has  …….…….  they can be very dangerous !

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In summary, social inequalities are the root of the problems across Canada. The Globe and Mail stated that according to the University of Toronto and the United Way, the economic divide has gotten worse in many cities, such as Toronto, where low-income neighbourhoods have more than doubled in the last 35 years. The disparity between the low income and the high-income earners is getting wider. The lack of steady work and that of the feeling of success and happiness is disappearing in the low-income neighbourhoods.

As per the Globe and Mail of July 7, 2018, the World Bank reported, “The feeling of disadvantage and unfairness leads the poor to seek compensation and satisfaction by all means, including committing crimes. The young people feel a sense of social isolation. They do not feel part of anything.” In summary, they do not have anything to lose, and that is a position of danger in any human being.


Other Factors Promoting Gang Creation and Violence:

In countries like Singapore, Venezuela, the Philippines, Morocco, Syria, Uganda, El Salvador, and Russia among many others, delinquents are punished severely, even sometimes to the extent of losing some of their civil rights while in prison (i.e.: not allowed to vote), and unfortunately, some of their dignity and human rights. But in Canada, our laws are very lax and in infinite cases, only slap the hands of the perpetrators. With a good lawyer or a technical mistake by police, they are let go to be free back on the streets to continue their delinquent career. Many gang members are using minors (as young as 8 to 12 years old) for their dirty work because if caught, they are simply minors and they are sent home the same day. Nothing really happens to them. Unfortunately, Canadian laws fail repeatedly to go against these gang members with serious criminal charges and punishment.

The laws in Canada still protect the “human rights” of murderers, rapists, paedophiles, etc., instead of applying a law forfeiting some of their rights, such as losing their freedom of unreasonable search or their right to vote in a society where some perpetrators, should never be integrated to anymore. Especially when left loose, their psychiatrist knows they will commit a crime again. Of course, those rights related to their dignity and humanity should always be protected and enforced, because we know that some prison guards can be more of a criminal, than the criminal behind bars. But hey, keep in mind that not every case deserves the above, and also, I am just a lonely voice on the planet. Correct?

Sometimes it seems that by protecting the rights of perpetrators, it destroys the lives of innocent people and their families along with the total disregard of their rights as a member of our society. People need to trust their government’s wisdom in steering our country properly. But this reminds me what the French philosopher Voltaire stated, “Life is a shipwreck, but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats.” Why? Because nothing is perfect and we will encounter problems in our life journey, but we need to sing and laugh regardless. Even in the movie The Shape of Water, the producer, Guillermo Del Toro used a deep sentence that says, “Life is but the shipwreck of our plans.” Yes, we are the sculptures of our thoughts and actions, and so is the government of the country they were chosen to guide and protect.


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Potential Solutions:

In my mind, they are four (4) main and initial potential solutions to reduce crime within our country for the future long-term. These are:

1.   The Police force is without a doubt the first step in the control of criminal acts in society, but as mentioned before, they are far from the solution. The real problem solver is in more government investment in areas such as improvement of the schooling system, promotion of industry diversification, long-term job creation, and social programs focused on the betterment of the average Canadian, not just in the benefit of few privileged groups.

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2.   The government should put a halt on dicey investments that end up being counterproductive to a healthy economic growth and our environment. Good examples of such investments are the completion of the Site-C Dam and Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline System. Why? The first example is clearly a serious environmental damage and open disregard to the Native rights and ways of living, and in relation to the latter, it only follows specific political interests because it only benefits a few Albertan and BC groups. Some for a short term only, but it certainly benefits on the long-term foreign investors and tax Canada (but in less proportion than the government thinks due to international tax shelters). But what does this investment do for the low-income families without an opportunity to get involved in the pipeline industry, while expanding the gap between the poor class and the rich and privileged? These situations cause resentment, the sense of social discrimination, and consequently increase violence in societies by a frustrated lower income class that sees no opportunities for proper social and economic integration. In reality, it seems as if there is discrimination from within our own country and some Canadians do not even notice because they believe everything they see in the media, failing to do their own research and analysis.


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3.   An important step to avoid the future continued increase in violence and criminal incidents in our streets are to minimize the number of refugees and asylum seekers that enter our country while directing government funding to the Canadians already in need. And for those that were lucky to enter, their process should be drastically expedited. The best response is not to have an “open immigration policy” and instead, help the refugees and asylum seekers in their country of origin with proper international policies implemented or enforced by the United Nations and their members.

Note: Located in eastern Kenya, sprawling Dadaab is one of the largest refugee camp complexes in the world. It’s also a place the Kenyan government wants to close. “The best response is to help the refugees to return and rebuild their nation,” Kenya’s president, Uhuru Kenyatta, said in a recent speech.

The Calgary Herald published on August 16, 2017, ““To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength. #WelcometoCanada,” wrote Trudeau. That tweet went viral and Canada’s immigration system has caught a nasty flu as a result.”


Source: immigration.ca     Source: countable.us         Source: edmontonjournal.ca   Source: globalnews.ca

4.   Selective immigration should be promoted and encouraged, with a strict, well-proven, efficient immigration policies in unison with a good plan and government selective immigration strategy.

    including Refugees and Assylum Seekers under a very strict government program

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Would the funds for refugees and asylum seekers be better used for programs for Canadians in crisis?

Should Canada always have an open immigration policy for refugees and asylum seekers?

What are your thoughts on how to solve the world’s refugee and asylum seekers crisis before it hits our borders, regardless if they come here as a result of war or environmental issues?

Do you think some prisoners (i.e.: drug dealers) should lose some of their rights, and which rights should they lose?

Knowledge and Action are everything …



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