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Our Runaway Society: coming June 14th, 2017

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Our Runaway Society, being released spring 2017is for all those people who are interested or concerned about today’s society;  parents, teachers. professors, scientists, students, retirees, and all other professionals worldwide.

Do you think that nowadays everything should be accepted and that everybody should mind their own business, except those who lack respect for others and interfere in somebody else’s private space, but if stopped, they cry abuse, racism or whatever? Do we need to re-connect with our principles, basic ethics and traditional morals to avoid a society out of control and gear it back on track?

Wishful World Our Runaway Society Blog ImgIn Our Runaway Society anything goes, nothing is wrong, things will be fine, tolerance is a virtue, total acceptance is a must and blind faith should prevail … until one imminent and irrefutable day our society will abruptly fall on its knees and bust its teeth, changing its optimistic smile for ever. The best way to stop a runaway society, is to jump into the driver’s seat and purposely slam on the hydraulic breaks and bring it to a total halt. Acting in a politically correct or incorrect fashion, is irrelevant. It is important to regain control of the future of our society. Integrity and responsibility should be our motivational factors to stop the declining moral and ethical standards in hopes of rescuing our civilized society.


One way to stop a runaway horse is to bet on him – Jeffrey Bernard

One way to stop a runaway society is to take responsibility – Rafael Carreras

Our runaway judiciary is badly in need of restraint by Congress – Phyllis Schafly


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