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Acknowledge Our Heroes to Create Identity

Canada, being a young country of 150 years, still lacks a clear identity to many. A way to achieve that identity is also by acknowledging our own war heroes such as James Campbell Clouston. Mr. Clouston is barely known by only a few Canadians. He grew up in Montreal and graduated from McGill University. During WWII, he was an officer in the British Navy. During the Dunkirk evacuation, he managed to guide over 200,000 Allied soldiers trapped by the German troops, to safer ground. People like officer Clouston should be on our currency, stamps and in school halls, instead of the royal family. Having the royals represented on stamps, etc. sends mixed signals of a “Canadian” identity to many. Hey, this is just a personal and humble thought, but what do you think? Cheers!

Canadian identity vs. misleading contrast:



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