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Honour and Patriotism vs. NFL Players Protest

A country’s FLAG and NATIONAL ANTHEM are what millions of soldiers have lost their lives defending. To use them as shields to protest, whatever the case may be is humiliating, embarrassing and ignorant.

It disrespects all those soldiers who fought for their flag and national anthem having laid their lifeless bodies on the battlefields.

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NOTE: Shouldn’t wiser men choose their battles and their fighting grounds, without being childish?

We ALL ought to honour, respect and defend the colours of our flag and the lyrics of our national anthems with pride, jealousy and absolute devotion. To every country in the American continent and beyond, it represents your country’s freedom, liberty, democracy and ultimate sense of belonging.

                    DISRESPECT            ….            Versus           ….            PRIDE & HONOUR


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If an individual does not respect their flag and national anthem, is there something that they will ever respect above and beyond their personal interests?