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Canadian Values In Crisis Due To Lack Of Action.

There is no doubt that for the great majority of Canadians (and other countries worldwide), one of the most important values and personal rights in our nation is to establish communication among each other with uncovered faces for identification and recognition purposes. It is also a way of bonding with others. It helps us trust, commit, believe, and rely on the other person. Facial expressions are crucial for proper understanding and communication amongst people. It is part of our heritage, our identity, and way of being, but most importantly, it is critical for our protection, safety, and overall sense of security, which represents the most important human right of all. But when some new immigrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers, Muslims or not, challenge our traditions and well-being with disrespect using religion and Islamophobia as a false protective shield, then all Canadians are affected and should react immediately with patriotism and stand strong to protect our human rights. If we fail to do so, no one will do it for us! We are definitely not a racist country. We are friendly, accepting, noble and progressive, but abuse from other cultures should be stopped cold. We need to regain and protect our basic rights and values.


 No face-coverings of any kind are allowed!

Canadians should always support religious freedom and reject racism, but we should fight to continue protecting our freedom, democracy, and security like a tiger with rabies. We should stand strong and fight women’s abuse by men who use religion as an excuse based on their own insecurities, or as a result of an old tradition. It seems we require protecting our democratic style of living, where the majority rules, not the minority.

The essence and the true spirit of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms are not without limits. Sometimes they have to be limited in order to protect the rights and freedoms of others. A good example is that if a group of people puts at risk the sense of well-being, safety, and security of others, this means that their rights and freedom are being violated, and this action should then be stopped.

The Charter guarantees equal rights before and under the law, providing the right to equal protection, therefore enhancing the feeling of personal and national security. By allowing the use of the burka and the niqab, we are violating the spirit of the Charter of rights by placing at risk other Canadians within their own territory, and by allowing the abuse of women, who have grown insensitive to their abuse either by fear or loss of spirit. In some of them, it is so bad, that they reject the fact of being abused, which brings to mind what Mark Twain once said: “It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” They have the veil so thick over their eyes that they cannot see clearly how they have been oppressed and still are. That should be avoided and stopped in Canada, or else we are going against the Canadian Constitution, which many new immigrants decide to either ignore or not show the slightest respect.

 See the difference? Who will you befriend easier? Smiles open doors and break barriers!

  United we are strong.  Co-operation is Peace!

 Perfect Combo.  Hijabs are perfectly welcome.



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