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What? Canadian Environment Betrayed By Our Own Government?

Human Rights Violation:

The Liberal Party in Canada is known to fight in favour of human rights, nationally and internationally. Yes, the pride of all Canadians! But why do they want to look good and shine abroad with the white flag of fairness, when at home throughout history they have turned their back on our environment, ecosystems, and indigenous people; the latter with the black flag of human rights infringement. Just a few weeks ago, PM Trudeau apologized to the indigenous people and cried when he did so. We all believed him and felt for our indigenous people.


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Environmental Damage:

I just do not understand how our Federal Government allows BC Premier John Horgan to violate the human rights of the indigenous people of the Peace River Valley with lame excuses, but above all, the human rights of all Canadians (and especially British Columbians). It has been proven that the Site C Dam will negatively impact our environment by releasing a lot more carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) into our atmosphere. In the minds of many Canadians, the environment and our ecosystem should be a matter of National Security. The Site C Dam will flood over 55 square kilometres of the river valley. This will have a negative impact on wildlife and in farmland as well.


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Economic Excuse:

They have spent about $3.5 billion dollars in the construction to date and by the time they are finished they estimate no less than $12 billion dollars will be spent. Therefore, it is NOT TO LATE to stop construction if the decision is based on money alone. We would rather pay a 10% increase in our hydro bills to save our environment and ecosystems. Any government can print more money, but they cannot replicate our pristine backyards, which will be gone forever.


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The Real Question:

Why is the average British Columbian (and Canadian overall) so uninterested in doing something to stop the construction of Site C Dam for their own benefit and that of their children?

Why don’t we all join a group and do something to fight for our environmental rights?

Why can’t people understand that when the ecosystem is damaged beyond repair, we will all regret what we lost? But it will be too late!!


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