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Are the hijab or burka an invitation for segregation and reverse racism in the workplace?



Again, in Canada, it appears that the “BIRDS are SHOOTING the HUNTERS”, instead of the other way around.

Is Canada going to regret the government’s overly tolerant accommodation policies regarding religious and traditional practices that are being introduced to Canadian society? How will these influences affect the Western and North American cultural and social values? An increasing number of immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees seem not to care about mutual acceptance and reciprocity that goes both ways even though we accept them into our country with open arms and the best of intentions. Isn’t this very sad and worrisome?

Guess how many women with hijab (s) or burka (s) will fail to be hired in the future in an apparent fair competition if businesses read the article in the link I am enclosing below?

The answer by many is Zero, Zéro, Cero, Nobody, Personne, Nadie. As a result, will discrimination increase rapidly and silently? Will it be encouraged by our own government’s exaggerated and unrealistic policies regarding tolerance, acceptance, and inclusion for new immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees? I continuously hear that PM Trudeau’s government team has started to seriously harm Canada’s social fabric of peace and harmony with what appears to be an overall ineffective immigration policy. What do you think?


Many new immigrants do not want to blend in, share, collaborate, relate to, team up, be humble, be grateful, be giving, etc.  The more accommodation policies at work imply more exceptions for certain people, which brings to the table an unfair relationship and unbalanced labour situation in the workplace. What are your thoughts?

Two Quick Extra Notes:

1) It is not just a matter of a handshake with the new immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees when they land in Canada or any other country, but we all need and expect their full commitment, honesty and full co-operation in social, business, and environmental matters.


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2) Question: Can all the items in the image below be successfully blended?  The world is watching Canada’s efforts in assisting immigrants asylum seekers and refugees to blend in and belong, but only a keen eye and time factor will disclose the truth. Let us keep trying and hope for the best, don’t you think so?


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